Helping You, To Help Them

Helping You, To Help Them

Fight Like a Girl

Support for Women Fighting Cancer


The Fight Like a Girl is a ReMynd corporate social responsibility initiative designed to:

  • Provide emotional and financial assistance to women experiencing financial hardship due to breast cancer and other women’s health causes
  • Provide comfort through emotional and spiritual support to women who have been given less than one year to live by a physician.

Funds are raised through donations, sales of “Fight Like a Girl” branded items, ad other fundraising efforts as organized.

Financial Assistance
Just a few words from a doctor’s mouth and thousands of families’ lives are turned upside down every year. As if the emotional effects of a life-changing diagnosis aren’t difficult enough, often these families are thrown into a financial nightmare. In the first 3 months of being diagnosed, the average cancer patient accrues nearly a half million dollars in medical expenses. Some of these individuals have no insurance whatsoever and many of the ones who do find that it falls short of covering the mounting bills that seem to never stop. This massive debt often results in late bills, lack of funds to purchase enough groceries to get through the month, and the inability to pay for day-to-day items such as shampoo, laundry detergent, toothpaste, soap, and other necessary personal and household products. Financial difficulties become even greater when a spouse must give up a job that had previously assisted in supporting family financial obligations.

The Fight Like a Girl Financial Assistance consists of grants of varying amounts that are awarded to families experiencing a medical crisis. Because we receive many more applications than we have funds for, we select grant recipients based on several factors including extent of financial need. The grant recipient provides the Foundation with bills that are connected to the medical situation and, after approval, payment is made by the Foundation directly to the third party that the money is owed to. Grant funds can also be provided through gas cards, grocery cards, and hotel vouchers for traveling to treatments and back.

Emotional and Spiritual Support
The Fight Like a Girl provides emotional and spiritual support to women diagnosed with cancer or another life-altering illness through personal home and hospital visits, daily inspiration, and resources for a variety of free services and programs.

Through our grants, support programs, and dedicated staff and volunteers, Fight Like a Girl is committed to helping relieve some of the emotional burden that comes with this serious medical diagnosis.


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