Helping You, To Help Them

Helping You, To Help Them


The Academic English Skills Assessment can be delivered virtually or face-to-face. It helps to highlight a student’s language proficiency and what language learners “can do” at various stages of language development, and across different content areas.

The Academic English Skills Assessment is used to help students broaden the range of what they can do with English in order to learn, meaningfully engage in, and achieve challenging content standards.

This is accomplished by helping parents and educators focus on how well students use their English to learn. Can students use English to:

  1. Recount information given by the teacher?
  2. Explain to others what they have learned?
  3. Argue a point of view or an idea? and,
  4. Discuss and exchange ideas they have learned?

These are the key functions of academic English that must be mastered to achieve success.

The C.A.S.A. – Academic English Skills Assessment is developed in response to challenging state college and career readiness standards and the subsequent greater language demands placed on curriculum, such as those from International and international departments of Chinese public schools.

Parents and Teachers can use the C.A.S.A. in the following ways:

  • Discuss with teachers about your child’s ability to use the academic functions of English.
  • Help parents ensure that their child has equal access to all classroom activities based on language ability.
  • Help teachers to understand and improve students’ academic language use in classrooms.
  • Help teachers differentiate classroom instruction based on language ability.​

Day of Assessment:

  1. Academic English Skills Assessment – (90 -120 mins depending on student ability)
  2. Initial debrief with parents – (30 mins)

Final Report: (Within 48 hours.)

  1. Full report and debrief explaining academic language targets. – (30-60mins)
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