Helping You, To Help Them

Helping You, To Help Them


About Our Program
The ReMynd ADHD Assessment, Consultation, and Treatment Program serves children, adolescents, and young adults (ages 2 to 22) demonstrating behavioral problems consistent with a diagnosis of ADHD— Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Program Highlights
Comprehensive Evaluations Consistent with School Based Standards
Our comprehensive evaluations begin with the administration of a parent interview and collection of normative ratings of child, parent, and family functioning. We also conduct psychoeducational testing using approved standardized measurement tools and routinely observe children at school. Finally, teacher interviews are conducted to obtain information about academic and social functioning. We tailor our evaluations to address specific referral questions in a manner that is individualized and appropriate to the emotional needs of each child and each classroom (as well as providing data necessary for making I.E.P. accommodations possible).

​Behavioral Consultation in the School Setting
Fostering a Connection Between the Home and School
It is common for children with ADHD to exhibit social and academic impairment in the school setting. Our coach routinely visits the child’s school to observe classroom behavior. Our coach also works with teachers to develop individualized behavioral programs that coordinate school and home-based interventions, thus building a partnership between families and the school.

Training for Schools and Community Agencies
ReMynd is committed to educating teachers about the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. We offer in-service trainings for schools, and parents within Chengdu and the Greater Southwest China area.

Client Information
How do I get my child assessed?
You can inquire about our services by scanning the QR Code below. You will be asked to provide some information about your child and family so that we may help you determine if our program is right for your family. The screening process takes only 15 to 20 minutes, so do not hesitate to connect with us. If our program is not a good fit for you, we can try to direct you to another program.

How Much Will I Pay?
ReMynd is a fee-for-service mental health assessment and consultation company that provides services at affordable rates.

​How Long Will It Take?
Assessment services are generally provided during two three-hour sessions. During the first session, parents are asked to complete initial paperwork, provide background information, and complete rating scales concerning the child’s behavior and family functioning. Before the second session, a school visit is conducted and teacher ratings are obtained. At the second session, both the parent and child are interviewed and psychoeducational testing (if necessary) is conducted. By the end of our second session (usually completed by the end of the second week), we are ready to make preliminary recommendations for treatment and follow-up care

​How does coaching work?
If you decide to come to us for ADHD coaching, we will work together in partnership, at your pace (not ours!). You can depend on us to really listen and take a genuine interest in learning about who you are now and who you want to become. We will be paying particular attention to notice where your ADHD shows up in your life.

You will choose what to work on, and we will support you in setting your goals and deadlines. As you work on the actions you have committed to, if something doesn’t work out as we envisioned, then we will have an ‘opportunity for learning’ – there’s no such thing as failure here!

As we work together we will discover what your strengths are early in the coaching process and you will be encouraged to work from those strengths and build on them. From all our experience in ADHD coaching the key thing that we have learned is that everyone’s ADHD is different. We each have a unique range of strengths and face a unique blend of challenges. That is why coaching works so well as a treatment option for ADHD. Coaching can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

​Creating structure that works for each individual client is often a key step towards creating the best environment to move forward from. We will offer accountability and ongoing support and encouragement if a client wishes but the long-term goal would be that the client learns to be accountable to themselves and to take full responsibility for their actions and decision making.

For every challenge that ADHD brings there is a flip side that brings a strength. Our wish for all our clients is that they will come to love and appreciate the good stuff that their ADHD comes with and that they will get to meet their full potential while honoring what is really important to them. We have a passion for learning about ADHD and how to maximize the performance and quality of life of people with ADHD.

Who may benefit most from ADHD Coaching?

  • Adults with ADHD who would like to work on issues like time-management, productivity, planning, goal setting, decision making, getting tasks completed, improving concentration and memory, dealing with frustration and anger or improving interpersonal relationships and social skills.
  • <span”>Students (2-22) who need to learn Life, Social, and Study skills, and how to manage their ADHD.
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to improve their executive functioning.
  • Parents of young children with ADHD, so that both the parents and the children can learn how to manage ADHD
  • College Students who may be experiencing difficulty setting priorities, managing time, balancing social and academic choices and more.

Clinical studies have indicated that ADHD coaching can be beneficial for young people and adults with ADHD. Details available on request simply email:

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