Helping You, To Help Them

Helping You, To Help Them


Parent Consultations are for parents who are looking to learn, understand and work on their parenting skills with their children. We provide a supportive environment for parents to learn how to parent their unique child, navigate differences in parenting approaches, or help parents of blended and/or multicultural families navigate the challenges that arise as their families change. Our professionals help parents build confidence and skills, so they feel they are able to support their infant, child or adolescent learn, grow and thrive.

The initial consultation is 60-90 mins in order to gather important information about your parenting challenges, parenting beliefs, family structure, current family stressors (parent/child), and family strengths.

Upon scheduling your Initial Virtual Session, you will receive a link where you will complete the Intake form to be completed prior to your Initial Virtual Session. ReMynd Parenting Coaches will develop your Individualized Parenting Plan using the information collected during the consultation and initial sessions.

Parents can expect to:

  • feel supported, listened to, and respected
  • have an opportunity to share your concerns and experienced parenting challenges
  • learn more about ALL ReMynd virtual parenting services
  • schedule a coaching or support session with a ReMynd Consultant
  • receive a follow-up email with referral information within 72 hours if your support needs are best addressed in the community

Virtual Single Session
A one-on-one single virtual session is a 50 minute “one-on-one” meeting. This session is appropriate for parents/caregivers seeking consultation to learn more about strategic ways to address parenting challenges. Parents are able to explore various parenting strategies tailored to their unique parenting needs.

4-Session Virtual Package
A 4-session virtual package includes 4-50 minute “one-on-one” meetings. This package is appropriate for parents/caregivers who are hoping to tackle a specific parenting challenge. WeChat Support is Included.

8-Session Virtual Package
An 8-session virtual package includes 8-50 minute “one-on-one” meetings. This package is appropriate for parents/caregivers with parenting goals that aim to address specific behavioral and relationship challenges. WeChat Support is Included.

Virtual Parent Groups: Varying Topics
The Virtual Parent Groups is an “open” group that welcomes every parent/caregiver seeking a non-judgmental, supportive space to connect with other parents, share about parenting challenges, and feel empowered. Parents are able to receive non-professional support and foster a sense of community among fellow parents/caregivers.

Virtual Parent Workshops: Rotating Series
The Virtual Parent Workshops offer research-based information on topics of interest to parents/caregivers. The group provides parents/caregivers with the knowledge and skills useful for facing typical parenting challenges that surface in the areas of social, emotional, physical, and moral development. Separate groups for parents of “tweens” and teens.


  • “Compassionate parenting” skills
  • mood swings and anger
  • effective communication
  • setting boundaries
  • fostering healthy parent-child relationships
  • sexual identity development and dating
  • emotional health and wellness
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